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cVES (cervicothoracic vagus electromagnetic stimulation) Technology

Our non-contact, bioelectronic medicine platform provides superior safety relative to pharmaceuticals, while effectively targeting autonomic nerve pathways critical to numerous disease processes.

Working Mechanism

cVES (cervicothoracic vagus electromagnetic stimulation) is a Vagus Nerve stimulation technique involved in the balance of the autonomic nervous system by delivering complex electromagnetic signals to the heart and the Vagus Nerve branches connected to the heart. Vagus Nerve stimulation influences a variety of important autonomic functions in the brain and in the body, including neurotransmitter levels, inflammatory levels and metabolism.

cVES targets specific nerve within a 9-inch radius, surpassing other noninvasive neurostimulation techniques that are limited to local treatment.

Non-Surgical, Non-Drug Therapy

Unlike traditional vagus nerve stimulation therapies, cVES uses mild electromagnetic signals to stimulate the vagus nerve in a non-contact, non-invasive way through the skin without the need for surgery. Moreover, cVES therapy provides benefits such as reduced side effects, long-lasting therapeutic effects and reduced cost, comparing to standard treatment like medication.

Target Diseases

The vagus nerve is the main nerve influencing the heart’s relax responses and the body’s immune system. Vagus nerve stimulation is a useful technology that regulates numerous disorders. Our current goal is to complete our treatment protocol optimized for treating multiple disorders associated with the vagus nerve.

• Anxiety disorder • Autonomic nervous disorders (dysautonomia) • Cardiovascular diseases, including chronic heart failure (CHF) and cardiac arrest • Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases • Treatment-resistant depression (treatment-resistant major depressive disorder, or TR-MDD) • Diseases related to cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s disease

Most Natural Therapy

Medical and 100% natural approaches to increase activity levels of the Vagus Nerve and to raise vagal tone indeed exist. The most natural ways to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, include meditation, yoga, abdominal respiration and laughter, which are time-consuming and difficult to practice consistently.

The mild electromagnetic signals of cVES work similarly to the electromagnetic signals generated by the human body itself, restoring the balance of energy fields and activating the homeostatic autoregulatory mechanism ‒ the most natural, medical approach.

Aging Reversal

The occurrence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and arthritis is increasing worldwide and are highly related to the ANS (autonomic nervous system). Normal aging processes of humans are also associated with changes in autonomic functions.

We are confident that we can help overcome age-related diseases by restoring autonomic balance and that we have the potential to delay and reverse aging. Our cVES therapy provides a new way of treating age-related diseases.

Clinical Studies

The effectiveness of cVES technology was demonstrated through our clinical trial on the ability to restore the balance of the autonomic nervous system.

The next clinical goal is to prove the potential to reverse aging through the self-recovery abilities of people by conducting preclinical and clinical trials.

Amo Lab’s Pipeline

Our mission is to slow down or reverse age-related diseases while restoring human health using bioelectronic medicine. Our initial focus is the recovery of autonomic balance, which is the critical factor of age-related chronic diseases. We have completed the optimized treatment protocol for applying this to multiple systems, including the autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular system and immune system, and will prove therapeutic effects by conducting rigorously designed clinical studies.

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