There is infinite possibilities for
a changing world of healthcare

We identified the broad, unexplored potential that exists within our cVES (cervicothoracic vagus electromagnetic stimulation) platform. Our unique discovery provides new healthcare solutions and opportunities in a wide range of applications in various fields.

Health & Wellness

Over the past two decades, consumer awareness has brought about huge changes in health and wellness. AMO Lab designs innovative, over-the-counter products required in the field of treatment. Our cVES platform offers healthcare solution that can be applied to multiple clinical areas, including, but not limited to, inflammation, blood sugar, antibacterial and anti-aging.

Bioelectronic Medicine

Our bioelectronic device is based on an optimized treatment protocol for new and better treatment options to address unmet medical needs. The cVES platform is a breakthrough for treating diseases that are more and more prevalent as the world’s population continues to expand and is aging.

Skin and Personal Care

A new healthcare platform utilizing infrared rays has the potential to provide a solution to improve skin health in response to people’s expectations about personal care and aging. We are preparing revolutionary infrared therapies that can be applied widely in the skin care and cosmetic fields.

Animal Health and Plant Growth

AMO Lab’s cVES platform is believed to have great influence in animal health and plant growth, as well as in humans. We will strive to provide research results on the critical requirements of a broad range of flora and fauna.