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Our academic paper was published in the international journal
'Springer Nature' in July 2019.


LF oscillation represents vasomotor activity, which indicatesactivity and stress. On the other hand, the HF oscillationcorresponds to respiratory activity, which represents relaxation. Asignificant difference was found in the case of HF power of ECG.The ECG HF component is a representation of vagal activity [14].ECG HF power reflects the parasympathetic nervous systemactivity. The HF power increase indicates an improvement ofparasympathetic nervous system activity. The rise of HighFrequency (HF) components indicates improved vagal nerveactivity, which is observed in Fig. 3 after using the VNS device.There is a significantly different HF ratio between ECG acquisitionbefore VNS and after VNS device usage.

© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020 T. Ahram (Ed.): AHFE 2019, AISC 973, pp. 57–62, 2020.


Our academic paper was published in the international journal
'Springer Nature' in July 2020.


This study concludes that the ECG analysis of the HF ratio forthe real device shows a significant increase in the HF ratio andreduction in stress. In the EEG analysis, the increase in thealpha power ratio of F3, F4, Fp1, and Fp2 indicates stressreduction. Based on the salivary melatonin results, thenighttime melatonin level of insomnia persons after using thereal device shows a significant value, resulting in induced sleepin insomnia persons. The subjective evaluation also shows asatisfactory level after the use of the real device. Thus, the realAMO+ device reduces stress and improves sleep induction. Itprovides sleep improvement for individuals who cannot fallasleep easily due to stress, people who sleep less than 7 hours,and people suffering from sleep problems. It is also helpful forwellness purposes for individuals such as active people whocare about wellness and want to improve their body functions,people who need their heart rate and respiration rate stabilized,and people who are living uncomfortably due to stress.Although this study is limited to the analysis of bio-signals andmelatonin levels, the future study will focus on full night sleepmonitoring for insomnia persons in order to assess overnightsleep quality.

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